Counterfeit spare parts pose serious threat

Muscat: Using counterfeit spare parts and sub-standard accessories in vehicles can lead to serious consequences even with a minor accident, according to the Consumer Protection Authority.

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) had earlier identified counterfeit spare parts being a major contributor to tragic accidents, which otherwise would have been minor.

“Do not use counterfeit or sub-standard spare parts and accessories to your vehicles because they can land you in trouble,” a statement from the CPA said.

It further called on all suppliers to adhere to the provisions of the Oman Consumer Protection Law and its regulations and to adhere to transparency and credibility.

“One should also keep away from false and misleading advertisements and suppliers should refrain from unfounded advertisements when promoting goods and services to avoid legal accountability,” it further said.

In Oman, some motorists opt for fake spare parts just because they are sold at less than half of the original price. But it is jeopardising their and others’ lives, according to PM Jabir, an insurance representative.

“There is a lack of awareness against counterfeit spares and obviously, the high cost of original products is something which deters many consumers from buying the original,” according to him.

The punishment for counterfeiting crimes is a minimum of three months imprisonment and a maximum of two years imprisonment along with a fine of RO 2,000 or more. The amount of punishment rises if the offense is repeated.

The Consumer Protection Authority conducts frequent raids to discourage such malpractice.