Council panel reviews Manpower Ministry’s steps on student training

MUSCAT: The Education and Research Committee of the State Council on Sunday discussed the efforts of the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) with regard to training of students, as part of the committee’s study on the development of the training system. The committee, headed by Dr Abdullah bin Mubarak al Shanfari, hosted Dr Abdul Hakim bin Hilal al Ismaili, Director General of Technical Education, and Harib bin Harith al Mahrouqi, Director General of Vocational Training at the Ministry of Manpower.
It discussed with the ministry’s technical training and vocational training official the efforts of the ministry exerted to conduct training for students, data and statistics on the provision of practical training for school, university and college students in terms of working hours, preparation of trainees, training courses and funding source.
It also discussed the quality of training provided to students, the internal policies, the memorandum of understanding on student training and training methodology, the plan of implementation of student training within the National Education Strategy 2040, the mechanisms of supervision and evaluation of the institutions in which students are trained, selected models and regulations governing the practical training of students.
The committee also discussed the challenges faced by educational institutions and training in providing practical training for students, and review of proposals for the development of legislation and programmes to provide practical training for students in educational institutions.