Consultant to study regulatory framework for electric vehicles in Oman

Seeking to prepare the Sultanate for the advent of Electric Vehicles (EV), the Authority for Electricity Regulation Oman (AER) is inviting international consultants to participate in a competitive tender for advisory services linked to the development of a regulatory framework necessary to support the growth of this eco-friendly mode of transportation in Oman.
The initiative is a key part of a broader strategy by the Omani government to support a transition to sustainable energy sources, not only for electricity generation, but other usages as well.
The formulation of a regulation framework governing the introduction of EVs in the Sultanate is one several objectives listed by the Authority for initiation / implementation under its Forward Work Plan for 2018.
In the Forward Work Plan, the Authority announced its intention “to carry out a review of international best practice in relation to the regulatory framework to support the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EV — meaning both fully battery operated and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) including, but not limited to potential capital costs from development of public EV recharge stations, network and connection issues, safety issues, metering costs and the required licence and Code modifications.”
The scope of this objective has since been broadened to include “potential impacts on tariff subsidies and consideration of pricing signals designed to encourage efficient use of electricity”.
“As an initial step, the Authority wishes to retain experienced consulting advisers to undertake a high-level review of international best practice and to assess the extent to which those approaches could be adapted, given the specific circumstances in Oman. This initial work will make specific recommendations for steps that the Authority should consider immediately to facilitate the use of Electric Vehicles in Oman, together with broader recommendations for future studies,” the regulator said in a backgrounder accompanying its tender announcement.  The selected consultant will be required to study international best practice in terms of electricity sector regulatory frameworks and how they have evolved in relation to the challenge of supporting EVs. The consultant will also undertake a review of key developments in the market for electric vehicles that may impact on the future design of regulatory frameworks.
Additionally, the expert team will be required to make specific recommendations for the standards that should be adopted for EV chargers (considering practices in neighbouring countries, metering, connection designs and public safety).
Besides, the consultant will be invited to make observations on tariff evolution (and related metering requirements) that might better enable the development of EVs in the Sultanate of Oman and their potential impacts on Government subsidy levels to the electricity sector.