Consultant appointed for RO 100m Ibri poultry project

A’Namaa Poultry Co SAOC, which is developing a mega poultry project in Ibri with an investment of around RO 100 million, has announced the appointment of local Omani firm SEMAC Consultants as the engineering consultant for the prestigious venture.
An agreement to this effect was signed here recently by Saleh Mohammed al Shanfari, CEO of Oman Food Investment Holding Company (OFIC) and Chairman of A’Namaa Poultry. OFIC is a state-owned holding company overseeing a large portfolio of strategically vital projects designed to support the nation’s food security goals.
In a statement, Al Shanfari said the agreement marks a key milestone in the implementation of the poultry project in the Wilayat of Ibri in Dhahirah Governorate. Together with a pair of agreements inked in previous days, including a usufruct pact with the Ministry of Housing covering the lease of land for the project, these signings will accelerate the execution of this important venture, he said.
A plot covering 60 sq kilometres has been allocated for the project at Safah in Ibri Wilayat. Project finance totalling RO 50 million has already been secured following a financing agreement concluded with Meethaq Islamic Bank recently — a deal that also underscores the strong backing of financial institutions for the project.
“Achieving food security is an imperative for countries seeking to achieve relative self-sufficiency in domestic food production,” said Saleh al Shanfari. “Given the challenges of securing supplies from producing nations on a long-term basis, it has become necessary for import-dependent nations like Oman to find suitable solutions to mitigate this risk. Global and regional crises, impacts of climate change and drought, infectious diseases and so on, are also compounding the situation for importing nations.”
“The Sultanate, guided by His Majesty the Sultan’s wise policies, is presently pursuing a number of ambitious programmes to bolster the security of food supply. They include investment projects implemented within the Sultanate with support from the public and private sectors. Notable are the Mazoon Dairy Project, Al Bashayer Red Meat Project and A’Namaa Poultry Project,” the Chairman stated.
A’Namaa Poultry project is planned to produce 60,000 tonnes per annum supplying white meat produced according to halal practices and in keeping with international and local standards.
“Following the appointment of SEMAC Consultants as the Engineering Consultants, Phase 1 of the development of the project will commence in earnest. SEMAC will put together a roadmap for the careful implementation of the project. SEMAC has extensive experience in the design and construction supervision of large projects in the Sultanate, notably Al Saffa Foods, which is one of the largest poultry schemes in Oman,” said Yaqoob al Ruqaishi — General manager A’Namaa Poultry.
Meanwhile, other components of the A’Namaa Poultry are also making headway. Tenders have also been floated for the construction of broiler farms, processing plants, storage areas, equipment and other facilities linked to the mega project. Offers have been received from major international companies specialised in this field.
In concluding, Saleh al Shanfari and Eng al Ruqaishi expressed their gratitude to a number of government ministries and public sector organisations that continue to play a role in the delivery of these strategic projects. The list includes the National Committee for Food Security, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Tanfeedh, and the One Million Date Palm Project. He also thanked oil companies operating in the Dhahirah Governorate, and the board of directors of A’Namaa Poultry Company.

Conrad Prabhu