Congress smells rat in Jolly case surfacing during bypolls

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Congress party in Kerala on Saturday expressed doubts in the manner in which the shocking family murder trail involving 47-year old Jolly which is going on now, is to divert the real issues of poor governance, as five crucial assembly by-elections is to take place on October 21.
Speaking to the media, State Congress president Mullapally Ramachandran said that he has now come to understand the breakthrough in this case came three months back, but the authorities waited till now, so as to divert attention from the real election issues like governance.
“I know for a fact that the present breakthrough in this case came three months back and this was purposely delayed and they have brought it up now, so the real election issues won’t be discussed. I would say the Home Minister (Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan holds the home portfolio) is responsible for this and this is a ploy as this news would get maximum play and the real election issues won’t be discussed,” said Ramachandran.
“Elections mean real issues should be discussed and with this news taking centre stage, the real issues are not discussed. This Left government has nothing to discuss and they know that and hence brings in issues like this on the sly. While I say this, I will fully appreciate the police probe team for making the arrests and doing a good job,” added Ramachandran.
Ramachandran said the Pala seat was won by the Left without discussing any real issues and they are trying to do the same for the upcoming by-elections too.
Meanwhile, the social media is also getting trolls, some of which blames the traditional rival political fronts in Kerala, for beeing not able to do a proper probe job, when the first murder took place and the subsequent police probes.
While the supporters of the Left blames the Congress led UDF governments for not doing a clean job, the supporters of the UDF states, the entire case was messed up by the Left.
Meanwhile, probe into the baffling six deaths in one family has now revealed accused cyanide killer Jolly Amma Joseph was leading a ‘jolly’ good life, with booze, extra marital affairs and real estate deals. Her journey came to an abrupt end, just when she was planning to get married for the third time.
With Kerala Police chief Loknath Behra admitting that the curious case of Jolly is a challenging one, it has now come to light that “jolly by day, killer by night” has confessed to having eliminated all six member in her family including her husband.
Her wayward lifestyle was in no way in tune with the copybook Kerala home maker, and it began right from her college days.
The highlight of it was when she managed to camouflage everything, till last month, when the Crime Branch busted her strong defence, after she came under the scanner and finally succumbed.
The juicy stories of how she did it all are now out in the open.
All the six mysterious deaths took place in the family of retired government official Tom Thomas, the father of Jolly’s first husband Roy Thomas. — IANS