Company selling used parts as ‘new’ busted

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) in cooperation with the Public Prosecution and the Royal Oman Police, cracked down on a commercial establishment involved in selling used spare parts as new to around 35 firms in the Sultanate, including big oil companies.
Disclosing the details of the case, Al Fadl bin Naseer al Yahmadi, Acting Director of Commercial Fraud Department, said: “The PACP received information of a company involved in manufacturing and selling fake spare parts, metal products, machinery and other equipment used in construction, civil engineering, oil and heavy equipment.
“Our investigations — extending over three weeks — resulted in the detention of 40 workers belonging to various nationalities who were found working in breach of stipulated health and safety requirements,” the official stated.
The workers were found to be refurbishing used pieces of equipment and spares and offering them
to companies as new ones.
Serial numbers were filed away and other identifying marks were painted over to hoodwink customers into believing that the goods were brand new.
A number of workers confessed to their role in the fraud, which was being done for over three years, Al Yahmadi said.
“While the workers were arrested, a variety of machine parts and equipment on the site were seized. Further, some of the workers were found to be in violation of the Omani Labour Law. The case has been referred to Public Prosecution for further action,” Al Yahmadi said.