Company to help turn ideas into reality

Rawaa Said  –

If you have an idea, it could be turned into reality. The ‘High Technology’ company is making final preparations to launch a programme aimed at making ideas/dreams come to fruition.
Targeting schools, universities students and innovation hobbyists, it focuses on improving people’s skill as per the labour market requirements.
The programme comprises 11 processes. The first is to come up with an idea and express it. The idea will be studied/ evaluated. The company will come up with a work plan for the same.
The second step is to analyse the market, figure out strengths/ weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats. In the third stage, workshops will be held on design, using Photoshop. Activities will be conducted on 3D design, ER/ERR, sequence diagram and flow chart.
The next step will see the company guiding aspirants on the financial plans. Aspirants are expected to make commercial samples of their ideas.
The final and significant stage is the manufacturing, as the company will present the available inputs for production as well as providing the required facilities for each idea.
Financing will be discussed so that aspirants can deal with the best institutions and companies.
The programme will provide opportunities for making theses on human and scientific fields, besides holding expos and competitions. Thus, participants can make investments in different ways.
The outcomes expected from the programme are the ability to create ideas and turning them into reality.