Common mistakes to avoid when looking for a job


Oman Daily Observer recently announced several openings for new positions within the company. While the response was overwhelming, I realise that many of the fresh graduates had the door shut down on them even at the very beginning because they were committing unforgivable mistakes when applying for a position.
I compiled a few tips on how you can make your chances better of landing a job.

Not spell and fact-checking your resume.
The style of resume depends on the industry, location and position that you are applying for. It is important to understand the company and what it is they need and customise your resume accordingly. While a one-page resume is growing in popularity globally, such is not necessarily the case in Oman. A resume is a hiring manager’s glimpse into your work experience so provide them with key information that will help make your chances of landing a job better. One of the unforgivable mistakes you can make is submitting a resume that does not reflect the latest information about you particularly your contact details and work experience. Spelling and grammar are also important factors. Just imagine applying for a writer, marketing or content producer position and your resume is filled with mistakes. It can make or break your chances of getting hired. Remember that a resume speaks a lot about a person. Hiring managers can tell a lot by looking at a paper submission.

Not providing proof of experience
Google is everyone’s friend. If you claim to be this and that of a company but none of those experience can be validated online, it usually raises suspicion right away.
There’s a difference between the “paper” you and the actual you. While it’s a common practice today to have a padded resume, a good hiring manager can always detect if something is off.
Social media is, therefore, an important tool to showcase what you’ve done and what you can do. For instance, if you wanted to become a content producer for a media company, it’s important to demonstrate your portfolio and this can be best done by using existing social media platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin.

Only have eyes for that “dream job”
The job you want may not exactly be the one you get. At least not on your first try. A lot of professionals know this sad reality. In a world where you are competing with hundreds of other hopefuls for one position, you have to embrace the reality that what you want may not exactly what you get. If you are a fresh graduate, the challenge is even greater. There is no shame in starting small. The key is figuring out where you wanted to be and then building up your skills until you reach where you wanted to be. A castle is not built overnight and just like your career, you need a strong foundation.

Not knowing your worth
Negotiation is a key skill necessary when you finally make it into the interview phase. You cannot over-sell yourself and the more that you shouldn’t be short-selling yourself either. When applying for a particular position, make sure to know what is the industry standard and given your experience, create a benchmark of what’s acceptable to you. While Oman has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to employee performance and salary increases, it is important to have a vision of how far and where you want to take your career. With the world becoming a global village, there’s plenty of opportunities to eventually land the job you always wanted. Learn when to say yes, learn when to stay and learn when to close the door. There’s always an opportunity somewhere else.