COMEX 2018 to showcase smart homes, cutting-edge robotic technologies

Special technology focused attractions, offering a hands-on interactive show floor, will add to the excitement of this year’s COMEX technology show. To be held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, from April 23-28, 2018, planned exhibits include the all new Smart Homes Zone, the AR/VR Zone, along with cutting-edge robotics, all displaying their latest technologies.
Visitors can understand how they can raise the IQ of their homes in the ‘Smart Homes Zone’. Featuring high-end technologies that support intelligent living through a range of home automation such as smart lighting, climate control, home security, entertainment, utilities and more.
Likewise, the ‘AR/VR Zone’ allows visitors to investigate three-dimensional training simulations and interactive learning environments that are changing the future of how we gain knowledge and use information. Tech buffs can also see how new robotic technologies and artificial intelligence solutions are transforming the way we work and live including industrial robots, service robots and automation solutions that seamlessly integrate with our lives.
Additionally, visitors can also take advantage of a series of knowledge sharing seminars and demonstrations at the ‘Tech Talks Workshops’ or, if they choose, explore AI & IoT strategies and their potential in Oman through the ‘Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 Summit’ in COMEX Business.
Visitors can discover new technologies used to revolutionise our environment with solutions related to Smart Cities, the Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, 3D Printing, Cyber Security, Retail, Payment solutions in COMEX Business.