‘Colors is Talk’ expo opens in Nizwa fort

NIZWA, March 21 –
The ‘Colors is Talk’ art exhibition has been opened at Nizwa fort. The exhibition has been organised by Bawader International Company — which runs the fort – in cooperation with Al Shathaa bint Jaber Girls School.
The exhibition opened under the auspices of Shaikh Dr Faisal bin Ali al Zaidi, Deputy Governor of Nizwa, in the presence of Ahmed bin Jabr al Mahrouqi, Assistant Director General of Al Dakhiliyah Education for educational programmes,
educational evaluation and private schools.
They toured the exhibition, which comprised 120 paintings.
They included Arabic calligraphy, photography, sculpture on surfaces, metal works, woodwork and leather works.
Zahran bin Mohsen al Nabhani, vice-president of the board of directors at Bawader, said: “Bawader International Company is striving to diversify its activities to serve visitors.
The exhibition is an opportunity for students to showcase their products to the public as it attracts nationalities from around the world.”
Nancy Adly, a teacher of fine art and the exhibition supervisor, said: “The school always seeks to highlight talents of its students.
The exhibition comprises products made by students during their art classes.”