Colombian artists’ colourful depiction of Omani icons is a visual treat

MUSCAT: Thanks to research undertaken, we now know that colour affects not just our brains and nervous system but also stimulates our emotions and moods. It is no wonder then, that the bright colours in the evocative artwork created by Rebeca Nigrinis induce a sense of happiness and vivacity. “My art is colourful and vibrant. My intention when I paint, is to brighten spaces with my unique pieces. I feel thrilled to see people displaying my art proudly at their homes or businesses. I always try to create pieces that bring joy,” she says.


Born into an artistically inclined family, creativity was always an intrinsic part of Rebeca’s life. “I painted since I was a little girl and my parents always encouraged my artistic endeavours. I remember having a wall in my room where I could paint,” she says. However, it wasn’t until she moved to the Middle East with her husband that she began developing her love for art and decided to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. An Industrial Engineer by training, her art conveys a seamless blend of her colourful Colombian origins and the strikingly inimitable influences of Oman where she has been living since 2012.

The intense colours and intricate detailing in the artwork by Rebeca Nigrinis are guaranteed to arrest attention. Her work has a tangible sense of vibrancy to it, with strong brushstrokes, flowing lines and dramatic hues. “The colours I use reflect my inner self. I like bright and colourful spaces that reflect happiness and harmony, so every time I create a piece, I try to bring all the joy inside me to the painting.

“The beauty I saw around me in Oman sparked my creativity. In fact, the quaint buildings and landmarks of the Sultanate were my biggest inspiration for the creation of my series on ‘Arabian Cities and Villages.” Her ‘Omani Doors’ series beautifully captures traditional Omani doors in all their decorative detail. She also draws inspiration from women around the work and has created an interesting series titled ‘Divas’ which portrays women of different nationalities and backgrounds in vivid hues.

“I am really glad and thankful that I have my art because painting helps me to destress and release all my anxieties during these difficult times. I create my own rules and try to ensure that my work has a distinctly unique identity. I have my own way of blending colours and I don’t like following pre-set steps or techniques. I’m constantly looking for inspiration wherever I go. If there’s something I want to learn I just try it myself several times and make an effort to improve as I go along.

Rebeca’s work has received many accolades and several awards and has been admired in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Oman in collective and solo exhibitions. Her advice to emerging artists is, “to create your own style and not copy anyone because that can ruin the whole creative process. Just be yourselves and learn from your own mistakes.” To see more of Rebeca’s work, you can visit her website or follow her work through her Instagram channel @rebeca.artist.