Code of Conduct bans sit-ins at workplace

MUSCAT: The Code of Conduct for the employees of the units of state administrative apparatus stressed the importance that employees should commit to perseverance and the fulfilment of job responsibilities.
Additionally, the Code of Conduct makes it mandatory for employees to maintain punctuality at the workplace and to confine the working hours to job duties.

The code, issued by a decision from Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal al Busaidy, Chairman of the Civil Service Council, on September 23, underscored the importance of neutrality and fairness and refrainment from preferential dealing.

As per the code, employees should commit to providing services to all irrespective of any considerations.
As per the code, the employees should commit to laws, systems and rules pertaining to the job. They should not join or organise sit-ins inside or outside the workplace. They should not ask for or accept any gifts or other advantages that could affect job duties.

The code states that the employees should commit to job secrets, not to divulge information or utilise official information for personal interest even after retirement.

A public employee should present his/her financial disclosure whenever they are asked to do so by the authority. — ONA