CMA launches health insurance programme

MUSCAT: The Capital Market Authority (CMA) inaugurated the Health Insurance Diploma Programme, which includes 21 employees of insurance companies and government agencies associated with the implementation of the health insurance project. The programme ends in January as part of CMA’s ongoing efforts to empower Omani youth in the insurance sector with the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge in insurance and its products. Ahmed bin Ali al Maamari, Deputy Chairman of the Insurance Sector, at the CMA said that this certificate coincides with the preparations for the implementation of the health insurance project for private sector’s employees and expatriates residing in the Sultanate, as well as visitors of the Sultanate.
He said that the implementation of the project will lead to an expansion in the size of the insurance market due to the number of applications expected to be covered by the project and thus will positively affect the revitalization of the health insurance sector. He added, “With this activity and expansion, there will be a need for qualified national cadres in the technical and administrative fields. This programme comes within the context of the national initiative to enable national cadres to lead the insurance sector, which was built in accordance with the laid objectives and values and in a specific period of time to strengthen the ability of the private sector to absorb the national graduates”.
Al Maamari affirmed that the health insurance certificate is considered an important one because it gives the employees the necessary skills to work in the field of health insurance and it qualifies the applicant to study other professional certificates in health insurance. He pointed out that the CMA is keen to choose such type of programmes to ensure the benefit of the participants. He added that the aim of such programmes is to prepare qualified national cadres to provide health insurance service and capable to deal with the specificity of this type of insurance products that have a special nature.
Al Maamari praised the number of employees working in the insurance sector, which reflects the real desire to obtain the certificate and their desire to develop their capabilities and competition to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the program of empowering national cadres, but the current capacity is to provide 21 seats with the hope that the experience will be assessed and availing the programme to accommodate more seats.