Cloud development could generate rain for three days in Oman

Muscat: There are chances of rain as there is active cloud development over Al Hajr Mountains forecast bringing in thundershowers associated with fresh wind and at times hail.

According to the weather forecaster at the National Multi – Hazard Early Warning Centre, the cloud development could generate rain for three days. The weather forecast states chance of convective clouds development with isolated rain occasionally thunderstorms over Al Hajar mountains and the adjacent wilayats during afternoon.

“The ideal conditions prevail currently for the local development of clouds with sea breeze, wind direction, high temperature and humidity,” said the senior weather forecaster.

The clouds developed in the afternoon over Al Hajr Mountains are expected to extend to Oman Sea coastal areas covering Muscat, South and North Al Batinah and South Al Sharqiyah.

During the rains the convective clouds could cause down draft winds causing sea to experience rough conditions. It is these clouds that cause turbulent clouds, explained the weather forecaster.

“Gradually we are moving to the summer,” said the weather expert.

Mainly clear skies are expected over most of the Sultanate with chances of late night to early morning low level clouds or fog patches formation are expected along the coastal areas of governoratew of South Al Sharqiyah, Al Wusta, and Dohfar.

Along the coastal areas of Oman sea winds will be easterly to northeasterly light to moderate during day becoming variable light at night and along the coastal areas of Arabian sea and over the rest of the Sultanate governorates winds will be southeasterly light to moderate occasionally fresh along the coastal areas of Arabian sea.

The sea condition is expected to be moderate to rough along Arabian Sea coasts with maximum wave height of 2.5, and slight along Oman Sea coasts with maximum wave height of 1.25 metres.

Muscat is currently experiencing humidity ranging between 35 per cent to 95 per cent, while Salalah has reported humidity rate ranging from 60 per cent to 85 per cent. Highest temperature was recorded in Fahud at 43 degree Celsius followed by Ibri, Adam and Haima with 42 degree Celsius.