Close employer-employee relations essential

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — It’s in everybody’s interest to be of value or importance to others. No one wants to be undervalued regardless who he /she is. Being a manager or a clerk, rich or poor doesn’t make any difference when it comes to dignity and respect. This has to do with people’s nature and personal self-worth. People are born equal regardless of their origin, religion, colour or culture.
Mutual respect and cooperation should always be there between all people, especially those of close relations, employers and employees, teachers and students and others too.
Otherwise, the outcome of their relations or business will not be acceptable. It would result in frustrations between both parties. Then, the focus will be on serving self-interests rather than overall outcomes.
That’s why employees should be accorded significant importance. When it comes to decision-making processes and training plans development, employees can be engaged and consulted sometimes.
By involving them in such high level issues, employees will feel more appreciated. Perhaps, they will be more dedicated towards sharing their honest feedback and be more creative.
A case in point is the annual employees’ survey conducted by the HR department in many organisations. It’s a very effective tool. It is a way for promoting transparency.
In fact, employees must be ensured that this survey is of value and high importance to the management and it serves to make things better. Accordingly, employees will be more confident to share their honest feedback and comments.
However, if the survey is circulated among the employees at the end of each year for the sake of just going along with the yearly routine, then it’s useless. In fact, it becomes a waste of time and a way of “deceiving employees”.
Therefore, employees want to get outcomes and results of the survey. Not only showing the figures, but also promising them that certain actions will be seriously taken into consideration to change things. Hence, employees will get the value of their consultation and feedback which they share with the organisation’s management.
Likewise, employees’ suggestions, ideas and proposals are another way of showing them how valuable they are. Relations between employers and employees should always be pleasant and cordial. Employees are ambassadors of every organisation, so they should be well-treated to reflect their loyalty to the world.
It’s not only customer satisfaction that matters, but also employees’ satisfaction. It would always be reflected in how loyal they are to their employer and performance as well. The more they are satisfied, the more loyal and hardworking they become.
Unfortunately, there are many organisations in which employees are given a cold-shoulder. Their concerns are not considered or even listened to. To the extent, they regard themselves as machines controlled by their operators.
The way they are treated is completely unprofessional. None of their ideas or suggestions are considered valuable or even welcomed. Therefore, employees feel they are useless and unappreciated.
On the other hand, getting employees engaged in major business decisions or goals is always important in any work environment. This plays a significant role in achieving employees’ satisfaction and loyalty leading to a better overall performance and career development. It urges employees to be more reliable and devoted to their employer.
It certainly increases employees’ interest and productivity. For that reason, the employee will improve his/her performance and strives to contribute in achieving the organisation’s mission.