Climbing great across Oman

I’m sure just the photos of those mountains inspire visitors

Kaushalendra Singh –

Every challenge has some hidden opportunities. This was quite evident when some like minded people took up the challenge of cleaning the Jebel Samhan view point recently and later on realised the great climbing opportunity that Salalah mountains store for the tourists and all those who have interest in this kind of adventure sports.
Climbers Read Macadam and Liam Lonsdale were in Salalah recently in connection with the clean up drive of Jebel Shamhan. Commenting on his Salalah visit and engagement with the clean up drive, Macadam said, it was exciting to be in Salalah and engage with some local tour operators and Ministry of Environment.
He rated the mountains around Salalah “very beautiful” and said, “From touristic point of view they are a draw for the views, the cool temperatures at the summits and the prospect of seeing some of the very unique animal and plant life that live in the mountains. I’m sure just the photos of those mountains inspire visitors.”
He found them fit for adventure tourism, as a section of people are attracted towards mountains. “Well, all mountains are attractive to adventure tourism. Salalah is no different. It is important to preserve the wild nature of those mountains and other natural wonders so that the people continue to want to visit them.”
As an expert climber, Macadam finds the possibility for climbing “great across Oman”. “It has awe inspiring rocky landscapes that appeal to adventurous climbers like me. I am fortunate to call this place home and to be able to show the world what Oman offers through my talks, photos and film projects and also to invite other international professional climbers to join me in my climbing projects.”
“There are too many great spots with many different draws to mention! I have spent quite some time developing climbing in Umq Bir and I find its epic landscapes absolutely compelling,” said Macadam when asked about the best climbing location in the Sultanate.
Macadam suggested support for climbing route development to allow climbers to make more climbs for tourists and local people. “Quite simply though, helping to keep them wild and clean will ensure that adventure seeking travellers continue to view these places as essential destinations.”
While thanking National Tours for inviting them to Salalah, Macadam sought to create awareness among local people to enjoy climbing. “It would be great to see more local people getting into climbing! One day Oman could have a junior national climbing team to visit the world and I would love to be a part of that, much as I did growing up in Canada.”
He put stress on preserving mainly the wild spaces of Oman. He called for education and awareness against littering at all levels and also helping with the resources for rubbish disposal would help to preserve the wilderness as an asset for future generations of local people and visitors alike.
He suggested to build the appropriate skill levels and knowledge before heading out to climbing as “climbing is as safe as one makes it. This can be done through courses and also by climbing alongside experienced climbers, who can offer mentorship and safe advice — this is very much the spirit of climbing,” he said.