Cleansing the airs indoor

This is something that might make you paranoid about your own home but when it comes to clean air, the plants you have inside your home can actually help and prevent bad consumption. But after speaking with my ‘clean’ friend, it was fascinating to me how much of an effect and huge impact plants can have on the air we breathe.
Indoor air contains far more toxins and chemicals than the outdoor air. It is always best to reduce the exposure to chemical, as much as possible. But in today’s chemical laden world, it is practically impossible to avoid them. For the existing chemicals indoors, here are some of the more natural ways to help reduce yours and your family’s exposure to these unhealthy elements.
Houseplants are great way to reduce the toxin levels indoors. After doing thorough research and speaking to my ‘clean’ friend, we have come up with the following plants that help keep your indoor air clean — ok admittedly she has done most of it and I’m passing on this important information on her behalf, thank you Emma!
— Spider plants and Aloe Vera potted houseplants.
— Snake plants, this plant is one of the best for filtering. Thrives in low light and steamy humid conditions whilst helping filter out air pollutants.
— Boston ferns easy to grow, good at filtering air and resilient.
— Bromeliads — tropical and colourful, great at filtering air.
— Yucca plants — good at filtering air but needs lots of light.
Another great way of cleaning the surrounding air is using home dehumidifiers. They rapidly remove excessive moisture and helps in preventing mould and mildew whilst also reducing condensation, which often contributes to damp and mould growth. Pure beeswax candles also help clean the air by releasing negative ions in the air. Negative ions bind with the free moving toxins and help remove them. Salt lamps are another great natural way to clean the inside air. They are made from Himalayan salt crystals blocks and work in the same as the candles do. They are also a beautiful source of light.
Incense, which is easily accessible in a variety of forms and fragrances and also easily accessible in Muscat also helps clears the air of unwanted odours and can help with relaxing processes.
The Cactus isn’t commonly associated with cleansing air or promoting the process and often has a negativity attached towards it and apparently this plant is known to attract negative energy into the house and can be the root cause of the problems behind arguments and bad feelings. So best leave them outside or leave them at the shop altogether.
Most of the above are available in Muscat at the garden centres — well the garden centres known in the UK are big supermarkets like the food ones in shopping malls but selling an array of plants and gardening tools and accessories. I noticed the garden centres in Muscat consisted of a long road full of conservatory style open aired gardens that sold different plants etc. Quite different to the expat expectations of what’s called and expected of a ‘garden centre’.
Here’s to a cleaner and fresher air in your homes. Walk in, smell and feel the difference!

Sayeh Woodman