Cleansing your body and soul

Sayeh Woodman – –

If not now, when is the best time to embark on a great cleanse for the body and soul?
There are hundreds of things you can do to attain a cleansed body and soul. But if you’re having trouble of how to start, let’s get straight to the point, with these tip:

START TO MOVE MORE: If you’ve been less than active recently, don’t put pressure on yourself to do a workout at the gym. Start by making small chang-es. Begin by walking to the shop, up or down the stairs. Avoid taking the lift. Yo-ga would be great, especially if you’re fasting during this time of Ramadhan since it’s less strenuous, but more pleasure for relaxation for the mind and soul, and great workout for the body and muscles.

SKIN BRUSHING WORKS WONDERS: You can use a dry skin brush to do this and you can do it each morning before you head for the shower. Make sure to brush over the body using upward strokes. This will help slough off dead cells allowing new ones to how. It also helps your lymphatic system and helps the energy to flow all over your body.

INCREASE WATER INTAKE: Start by taking it slow. If you are not fasting, add a little more glasses of clean, filtered water during the day every day. We need ample amount of water to move wastes out and help conduct energy.

ENJOY THE SAUNA: Get rid of toxins by enjoying time with sauna. If you can get to a dry sauna, get in there and sweat it out! This is a great cleanse for inside and outside your body.

GET PLENTY OF SUNSHINE: You have plenty of that in Muscat. To quote a health nutritionist, it’s ‘the original super food for the body.’ When the sun does come out, jump into it and welcome some warm rays on your body. It will ener-gise you and help your body’s Vitamin D reserves. Wear protective sun cream obviously.

DO AWAY WITH PROCESSED FOODS. Lessen the amount of sugar and pro-cessed grains you eat and increase colourful vegetables and some fruits to your diet. When you add more of these healthy options, you can crowd out some of the unwanted processed foods in your life.

BREAKING FAST FOR IFTAR? Still try to go for the fruits and vegetables rather than carbs for that ‘fill you up’ feeling. Fruits and vegetables will keep you feel-ing fuller for longer and without that massive bloat.

Cleansing your surrounding also contributes to your overall well-being. Move other obstacles that are cluttering up and blocking your energy flow. Sometimes cleaning something like as simple as your cupboard will make you feel lighter.
Sheets, towels, blanket clothes etc we hang on for years, either give them away or throw them away.
For girls, it’s also time to declutter your makeup bags. You will be surprised how much unwanted things you have in there. Get rid of those old lotions and potions including dried out nail polishes.
Your car can also be a messy cluttered place. It is a vehicle to transport you from a to b – not a place for you to store your rubbish.
What about all those half used shampoo conditioner, body lotion bottles sitting on your toilet cabinets? Throw them away as well. Clear your spaces.
What about the electronics in your life? Delete those old files — the ones on your laptop computer including your phones. Get rid of non-working numbers of old contacts. How many have you got?
Ramadhan is a good time to evaluate where you’re heading in life, a great time to set some attainable goals – not unrealistic targets, and make things clear and simple.
When we release the old stagnant blocks, physically, mentally and emotionally we attract new life. We become more creative at the same time we are feeling a great sense of wellbeing joy and happiness.