Civic staff donate blood plasma

MUSCAT: As many as 33 employees in the Muscat Municipality donated blood plasma to help current Covid-19 patients.

The humanitarian gesture followed appeals from the Department of Blood Bank Services to people who have recovered from Covid-19 to donate plasma to others who are battling with the coronavirus.

A posted online by the civic body on Monday confirmed that a number of employees and workers in the Muscat Municipality, who recovered from Covid-19, donated blood plasma.

“The blood donation was made at centres designated by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the conditions set by the relevant authorities”, the statement said.

The municipality wished that the initiative will contribute to immuno-plasma treatment, which has proven its effectiveness in treating COVID-19 cases,” the municipality added.

The Blood Bank Services Department said that anyone who wants to donate will be able to do so at its headquarters in Bousher.

Dr Feryal al Lawati, Head of Infectious Diseases Unit at the Royal Hospital, last week said coronavirus patients who were transfused with convalescent plasma donated by recovered patients have shown significant improvement.

She said that the immune plasma used with 40 patients has proven effective in moderate and critical cases.