Chris Evans talks about celebrity in the digital era

Actor Chris Evans, known for playing superheroes Captain America and The Human Torch, takes on a different kind of role in his latest film “Gifted”, and spoke about being a celebrity in the digital age while promoting the film.
Evans, who got into an argument on Twitter with right-wing activist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke earlier this year, explained that the heightened scrutiny people in the public eye experience causes them to be more cautious about what they say.
He felt differently, saying, “If you do or say something, it’s very easy to take little snippets of that and blast that out there without knowing the whole story, so it enables a lot of people to misbehave”.
“As a result, people at the centre of it – the actors and the people being watched — have to be a little more mindful, which I think at times can cause them to be a little bit more taciturn, which is in my opinion a bit of a shame.”
In the film “Gifted”, Evans plays Frank, a man raising his niece after his sister commits suicide. Her class teacher at the local school realises she is gifted, and wants to have her sent to a special school.
While Frank rejects the offers, the arrival of his mother complicates matters.
“Gifted” goes on release on Friday. — Reuters