Children’s library to get more books

Muscat, Feb 27 – Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, announced the launch of a children’s award at the conclusion of the seminar on children and future media on Wednesday. He said details will be unveiled soon. He also said all new children’s books at the Muscat International Book Fair will be made available Children’s Public Library in Qurum.
The Minister said the children’s programmes will not be confined to Muscat. “We shall coordinate with the government, private and civil agencies to make these programmes available in all Willayats”, he said.
He also launched a project to develop media skills among students which will be organised by the Ministry of Information, Children’s Public Library and Unicef
The children participating in the seminar sought more programmes and activities for them in TV and radio. They also asked to give them opportunities to make decision in this field.
They suggested holding workshops for children in journalism and writing. They also stressed on the importance of forming a national strategy to instil the values of citizenship, and to protect children from foreign media, the Arab world should create a comprehensive children network of programmes, activities and channels that would emphasise the Arabic and Islamic ethics.
The children also sought the inclusion of media of in the syllabus. A publishing house for children’s books and focus for children with special needs were also featured in their wish list. They called upon the concerned authorities to monitor the media and to work with children to create suitable content for all age groups.