Children’s band to help needy, build empathy

MUSCAT, Dec 23 – A children’s music band that aims at raising awareness on the need for empathy for under-privileged children around the world will hit the road with its first performance here on December 29. The Infinity Band will stage its first independent performance, titled ‘Euphony’, at the Indian Embassy Hall. It is being held under the auspices of the Indian Embassy.
The show is a manifestation of the realisation of children in Muscat that millions of children live in poverty while the rest lives in abundance. “This is a humble step towards realising the need to work for the cause of improving the state of at least one child,” according to the little musicians. “We also have the vision to continue the band in Muscat even though the present group of children will leave for good as the tagline refers, ‘Beginning of a voyage… to heal the world’,” said the organisers.
Sashi Gakhar, Second Secretary (Culture), Indian Embassy, will be the chief guest. Prominent personalities from the business and social community in Muscat are expected.
The musical treat with a noble vision will be a real journey for the audience through popular songs in several languages. It will have a blend of energy, passion, social consciousness, besides dance and mimicry performances. Another motto of the band is to nurture music and other artistic talents of children. It is good the children are working really hard amidst their academic responsibilities to foster their talents and hobbies.The children are voluntarily supported by Savitha (mentor), Sreehari (instrument coordinator) and Patrik Gonzales Ignacio (music adviser).