Children’s art exhibit raises awareness about environment

Eight of artist Nikos Zarras’ art students aged six to 16 exhibited their paintings and craft pieces at the Experience Centre of award-winning integrated tourism complex Muscat Bay on Saturday not only for community engagement purposes but also to raise environmental consciousness amongst families especially the young members of the Muscat Bay Community.
Zarras who was born in South Africa is an expert sand painter who uses different mediums and techniques and has created art pieces utilising watercolours and oil.
“Muscat Bay is pleased to create a space for kids to take part in creative activities and learn to build awareness about the environment. We are proud to host the exhibition with an artist as active and talented as Nikos Zarras,” shared Robert Bselis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Muscat Bay.
The exhibition strongly aligns with our values as a company. We are committed to ensuring all our properties and surrounding activities are dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving the surrounding location. We look forward to enriching the kids with the mindset of appreciating and caring for the environment,” he added.
Zarras, who previously exhibited his artworks at the same location and organised the kids’ exhibition said, “Our main objective is to encourage the kids and give them a push to create and show their artwork, it has been a great opportunity for us to highlight their achievements here.”
Our aim is to promote environmentalism and create mindfulness about recycling in Oman by developing awareness-focused artworks collectively,” he added.
The kids also took part in an interactive group activity of creating a collaborative globe made completely out of recycled materials and plastic water bottles.
The students were invited to give speeches on their artworks and discuss their influences and growth. Visiting families and kids were encouraged to create their own art pieces at the event and work with recycled materials.
The students also showcased handmade Oman-centered t-shirts created in their lessons with Zarras.
Muscat Bay has previously held social and environmental activities in the community to highlight the environment, including creating a fisherman’s shed for the village of Qantab, as well as developing the Qantab playground and Qantab public majlis.
The Muscat Bay initiatives aim to initiate social activities in the community and engage with the outdoors more sustainably.