Child health tops vision 2050

Child care and overall development of children are some of the key features of the Sultanate’s Health Vision 2050, according to the Paediatric Society of Oman.
“Oman is highly child-friendly country, and child care tops the national health strategy with low rate of infant mortality and morbidity,” said Dr Younis al Balushi, Vice-President of Oman Paediatric Society and Consultant Paediatric Pulmonologist at the Royal Hospital.
“With this in focus, and with a vision to support the government in achieving the national goals, Omani Paediatric Conference will be held from October 10 to 12,” Dr Younis told the Observer.
The conference will cover different aspects of child healthcare, and the papers will be presented by experts in different specialties of paediatrics.
According to a study report by BMJ Paediatrics Open on Childhood Injuries in Oman, over 30 per cent injury admissions to hospitals were children in the age group of 0–15 years of age.
The high incidence of falls, home injuries and burns highlight the need for age-targeted interventions and injury control programmes.
The Health Vision 2050 of Oman also aims at Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy, which will focus on immunisation against childhood diseases. “There is an increasing focus on improving primary healthcare and cost-effective caregiving at all levels of healthcare in the region. When it comes to child care, we can see that the Health Vision 2050 has delineated a number of priorities,” opines Dr Doaa Said, Managing Director of Maarefah Management, which is organising the conference.
It focuses on providing balanced nutrition, especially for mothers, pregnant women and children; maternal healthcare including antenatal care, postnatal care, deliveries and birth spacing; child healthcare including growth monitoring, control of diarrheal diseases; and acute respiratory infections,” Dr Doaa said.
On the last day of the conference, workshops will be conducted by experts to enhance the participants’ skills in performing or interpreting paediatric procedures and conditions, according to Dr Younis, who is also a member of the conference scientific committee.
The Oman International Paediatric Congress is supported by Oman Paediatric Society and Oman Medical Association.