Changing lifestyle in Al Amerat

Dreams are universal, opportunity is not, says Said al Hadhrami who was inspired by a bicycles project during his travel and sought the chance to implement it in Oman immediately after he came back to the Sultanate.
“The idea of the project came when I was travelling to some countries and saw this idea. l liked it and thought it would make a good project in the country,” he said.
He added, “I worked hard to study this project to realistically implement it in a safe area or place designated for pedestrians and bicycles. I contacted the competent authority to know the requirements and suitable sites for such kind of sports and entertainment activities,” he shared.
“I raised the issue to Muscat Municipality, which in return welcomed the idea and advised me to follow the necessary procedures to get started,” he said.
Muscat Municipality has already allocated many places for various types of outdoor activities and sports, whether it is walking or cycling. One of the most recent projects includes the Al Mahaj Walk in Al Amerat where people go to for exercise.
“I believe that Al Amerat Walkway is a distinguished location and has high specifications of safety for such outdoor activity. This contributes to stimulating and encouraging everyone to exercise”, Said said.
Not only focusing on the profit from this project, but Al Hadhrami has also thought of changing the lifestyle of people in the area. This project aims to empower communities by encouraging bicycle culture.
Along with taking you from place to place using no fossil fuels, bikes can teach you about safety skills and keep you fit. The bicycle offers positive change and development to villagers who use them for health, wealth, and education. It combines entertainment and fitness.
The biggest challenge was determining the design specifications of the (bicycles room) so that it is aesthetically pleasing to reflect the nature of the work and the general appearance of the place, but with proposals and finding appropriate solutions, the municipality is always helping to facilitate all the obstacles that we face where the appropriate design was agreed upon.
“Among the challenges was the inadequate lighting at the site. However, I depended on solar energy lights. Sometimes when it gets cloudy, the lights don’t store enough energy,” Said noted.
“One good thing is that I chose the right place geographically and in terms of population density”, he said.
Said also said, “The prices are affordable to all segments of people, I believe. People come from different areas to Al Amerat and they come to Al Amerat Park and when seeing this service, many would wish to try a ride.”
He added, “There is a plan to develop the project and I am trying to bring multiple types of bicycles that give a positive impression to everyone. I also hope that the municipality will permit me to open other new branches in some public parks and open places to facilitate access for everyone.
Working hours for the service starts 4:30 pm to 11 pm.”

By Talib al Wuhaibi