Championing watercolour as art medium

Nine young Omani artists formed a group and launched a movement to create awareness about watercolour painting, one of the less known media in Oman. Omani artists Fahad al Zadjali, Fahad al Mamari, Salim al Salami, Suliman al Jahwari, Sheikha al Riyami, Samah al Namani, Saif al Adi, Hala al Qamshoui, and Ayda al Khyari collectively decided that they want to promote the excellence of this medium and wanted to educate people through a serious of exhibitions, lectures and painting demonstrations in the hope that it would be a conversation starter and ultimately create interest among their audience not only locally but internationally.
Using the Acacia tree as their symbol for the exhibition, the group shared that they selected it as Acacia is a dynamic tree that can be mined for raw materials that can be used in watercolour.
Ayda al Khyari is a teacher and is currently practising art at her home studio. Hala, Saim, Suliman and Saif are members at the Omani Society for Fine Arts and have participated in many different exhibitions both locally and regionally.
Sheikha participated in an international watercolour exhibition in Jordan and other local exhibitions. She is also a member of the International Watercolor Society.
Samah has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from SQU and participated in Choose the Right Program for your Design workshop in 2011. She also gained the Sultan Qaboos University Porcelain Award for Student Creativity third session (2009-210).
Fahad al Zadjali’s artworks have been widely exhibited nationally as well as internationally. He participated in art forums, competitions, art courses, national and international workshops. His artworks won awards in Oman and other countries.
Fahad al Mamari participated in the Malaysian watercolour Biennale in 2018. He exhibited in Hong Kong 2016 and in Jordan in 2017. He has won the second and third places in the annual Youth Exhibition in 2017, 2016 and 2018 and numerous art gallery awards.
The exhibition was opened at Stal Gallery last Wednesday, February 6, 2019, and will last for three weeks.