Challenging time for pets and vets

SALALAH: Coronavirus has affected all walks of life and even animal are not unaffected. The challenge is more pronounced in front of pet lovers and veterinarians, as they find the situation so sudden that hardly anyone could get any choice but to remain restricted inside their houses as much as possible.

Dr Peter Nolosco, Senior Veterinarian calls the situation awfully challenging in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak and says, “The restrictions to control this disease, has affected all sections of life including pets and their owners. The pet owners are facing the challenge of not being able to bring their pets to hospitals even to undergo regular health checkups and treatments.”

“Secondly, there is lack of food availability for them. Many pets have various medical conditions which require special food. Now because of these restrictions, what to talk about special foods, there has been delay in getting even regular pet foods.”

Like humans the animals also need certain fitness exercises. They manage by running or stretching according to their requirements if they are not domesticated. Once domesticated, they need some training for their fitness.

“Exercise is of prime importance for the pets to stay healthy. Many dogs need to be taken outdoors for long walks and other kind of activities. This is completely stopped during this difficult time,” said Dr Peter.

In this difficult situation, the veterinarian suggests the pet owners to have good stock of pet food, treats and other essentials. The food and other essentials should be stored properly as per the manufacturer’s instructions. “Pet owners should learn the regular care like brushing the hair coat, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, nail clipping, clipping excess hair on the face, removing hair knots, teeth brushing, gland squeezing.”

He also suggests going for reliable Youtube videos guiding care for pets. Many pet owners completely depend on grooming centers, now is the time for them to do things on their own.

“Pet owners also can buy regular preventive medications like deworming, flea and tick treatments and they can do at home at regular intervals suggested by their veterinarians. Owners need to spend more time with their pets which will help to relax the pet as well as the owner. Owners also need to open up the house windows to get fresh air and sunlight to their pets,” he said.

Dr Peter suggested the pet owners to be in touch with their veterinarians to handle some pet issues as per their advice.