Challenges, best practices in communication discussed

MUSCAT: The Government Communication Centre on Monday held at the Ministry of Higher Education headquarters its 9th meeting with the media units at the public organisations. The meeting, under the title ‘Inclusiveness of Government Media Content — Communication with People with Special Needs and Non-Arabic Speakers’, was held in the presence of Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information.
The conference is one of a series of meetings that aim at enhancing communication and cooperation with those in charge of communication at the public organisations.
The meeting also aims at discussing the developments and challenges of media work.
Dr Al Hasani urged the public and private organisations to attach more importance to digital access and consider it a priority and one of their duties towards society to ensure seamless access of everyone including the disabled to information and services.
“We have a considerable number of disabled in the field of media and they are leaders who can change and lead a very good experience. Still such change needs the collaboration of efforts of all of us,” he added.
The meeting included two themes: the first on communication with the disabled, which covered the best practices in communication with the disabled.
The second theme covered communication with non-Arab speakers who constitute about 44 per cent of the population in the Sultanate. The meeting reviewed a number of experiences by some government departments on the two themes.
Moosa bin Khamis al Balushi, Head of the Digital Department at the Government Communication Centre at the Secretariat-General of the Council of Ministers, made a presentation on the best practices for communicating with the disabled. He presented statistics related to technological capabilities of the disabled regarding their use of the Internet. He also presented the global policies and the legal framework for digital access.
Ali bin Abdullah al Amri, from the Information Technology Authority, made a presentation about his personal experience in the field of ‘Media for the Blind’.
He presented his experience as a blind in communicating with social networks and using some of the supportive programmes to facilitate his daily activities.
Fatimah al Lawatiyah, Head of the Integration Department at the Government Communication Centre, also reviewed the outcomes of the survey, which included all the units that took part in the government communication meetings.