CETL workshops throw light on learning and teaching

MUSCAT: The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at Sultan Qaboos University organised series of workshops for faculty members at SQU on ‘Creating significant learning experiences’ from February 13 to 16. The workshops were conducted by Dr Stewart Lewis Ross, Senior Consultant at Dee Fink and Associates, Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
In the workshop, Dr Stewart Ross shared methods for engaging and motivating students explaining how 21st century students need to understand the relevance of their educational experiences as well as learn skills such as collaboration, self-directed learning, goal-setting, and higher order (critical, creative, entrepreneurial) thinking.
Dr L Dee Fink is a professional and international consultant in higher education, and author of the famous book ‘Creating significant learning experiences: An Integrated approach to designing college courses’.
Dee Fink exhorted teachers to shift from a content-centred approach to a learning-centred approach that asks “What kinds of learning will be engage students; How do young adults learn best, what knowledge and skills will they need in their jobs? and How can I create a course that will result in that kind of learning.”