Ceremony to honour Governor of Nizwa held

NIZWA, Aug 26 – Shaikh Hamad bin Salim bin Saif al Aghbari, the Governor of Nizwa, was honoured recently at a ceremony upon completion of his tenure in the state. It was in recognition of his efforts by people of the state during his six-year term. The Cultural and Scientific Committee of Nizwa Club in cooperation with many civil committees in the state, held the ceremony. The event was attended by dignitaries, sheikhs, preachers and businessmen. Abdullah bin Mohammed al Abri, Chairman of Cultural and Scientific Committee at Nizwa Club, in his speech, appreciated efforts of the Wali and his efforts to serve the state during his tenure.

Abdullah bin Said al Saifi highlighted the efforts made by civil committees under the guidance and support of the Wali. These works have contributed to the improvement of services and projects implemented by the people of the wilayat. Shaikh Nasser bin Mansour al Farsi, a poet, recited a farewell poem for the governor. This was followed by a visual show of the activities and projects the state had undertaken in the last six years. Shaikh Hamad al Aghbari thanked the people of Nizwa for their cooperation. A souvenir was also presented to the governor on the occasion.