More centres in Africa to ease medical checks

Muscat, July 30 – The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) under the Ministry of Health (MoH) plans to open more GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Centers Association) in African countries to ease medical fitness checks for expatriate workers.
“We plan to open more GAMCA centres in some African countries,” Dr Lamia, Director of CDC in Darsait, said. The GAMCA Committee opened its office in Kenya last May.
“We are increasing the number of GAMCA centres based on the traffic from these countries,” she said. Currently, workers from all countries, except for 11 in which GAMCA offices are not present, should undergo a medical test at one of the approved centres in Oman upon arrival in the country.
Citizens holding a GAMCA certified medical fitness certificate need to undergo only a primary medical test, including HIV and Hepatitis B tests.
“We recruit domestic helps from many countries. Those from African countries (except Kenya) and Philippines are subjected to a detailed medical fitness examination as there are no GAMCA offices in those countries,” said Khalil al Badawi of Al Ikhtiyar Assaami Manpower Recruitment Services.
All workers undergo HIV and Hepatitis tests on arrival in the country. Expatriates currently working here too need to undergo the medical test once in two years.
“People working in municipality hygiene services, food preparation/ service need to undergo tests for infectious diseases.”
Anyone coming to the country need to make sure he/she is free from any contagious diseases.

Kabeer Yousuf