Celebrating 50th National Day — make a fresh stride

These days, we are celebrating 50th National Day of the blessed ‎Renaissance. We are doing all this amid major developments ‎and changes which have taken place in recent months. It is a ‎time when we have confronted with a new reality. We are ‎adapting ourselves to a new normal. We have seen tough time ‎during last few months. But we are also aware of the historical ‎fact that these were the difficulties which paved way for the ‎Renaissance. It was the heroic effort of leader of the country ‎which helped our march towards glory.
We have seen crisis ‎one after another and then emerged victorious. These National Day celebrations are commemoration of the huge stride which ‎the country made 50 years ago and a tribute to the leadership ‎it enjoyed during this period. We are celebrating this major ‎milestone in the life of the Sultanate of Oman at a time when ‎we have a new situation in front of us.
Now, there are ‎unprecedented economic and health challenges before us ‎which prevented even to celebrate this occasion with full ‎fanfare.‎
These difficult economic and health conditions remind us the ‎time when the blessed Renaissance came in 1970. It marked as ‎a beginning from the scratch under the leadership of late His ‎Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. He led us the process of ‎rebuilding the vast country which was in isolation from the ‎world since long. There was no growth and development same ‎as there was no scope of liberties and freedom. The trinity of ‎ignorance, illiteracy and backwardness have prevailed over its ‎people for decades.‎
When the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said took over the reins of ‎power in the country on the glorious July 23, the Omani people ‎stood behind him. It was his wise leadership under which the ‎people of the country took the path of rebuilding the nation ‎which was rooted in history.
They made all efforts and raced ‎against time to bring the country in the forefront of the ‎developed nations. They showed solidarity with the leadership ‎and they would continue to do so. The story of the growth and ‎development of the country is an epic which everybody wants ‎to listen.
This is the story of development of a country from the ‎scratch to reach to be among most developed nations. It has ‎lessons for the youth of the country and a model for all those ‎who want to tread this path for a more secure, dignified, ‎prosperous, secure and stable life. ‎
We are celebrating the National Day again. It is continuation of ‎what we started 50 years back and would continue to do so in ‎future. To ensure that what we have achieved during last 50 ‎years is sustained and to build upon it further, we have to ‎remain above tribal loyalties, regional, religious and racial ‎identities and united under one national flag. We would have ‎to be always hand in hand with the leader of the country in his ‎pursuit for serving the people with what is best for them. ‎
Now, what we are doing is just renewing the blessed Renaissance again after 50 years under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, the leader which we need at ‎this stage of development and growth. We need to remain ‎committed to the advancement of the country towards a ‎brighter future. Sky is the limit for a country and its people ‎which is united under its leader and focused on its ultimate ‎objective of more achievements and accomplishments. ‎
When we are celebrating 50th National Day and renewing the ‎blessed Renaissance, we need to again commit ourselves to ‎take the country to the other stage of development and ‎growth.
At this juncture, even if we are not starting from ‎scratch, we are not in a comfortable position due the ‎conditions created by the pandemic. Strong foundations have ‎already been made, what we need is yet another stride in the ‎direction which the blessed Renaissance has already
set for us.

Ali Al Matani