Can’t sell used cars without permit

March 21: The Muscat Municipality has warned of legal measures against those selling used cars without licence.

The warning comes close on the heels of the arrest of an expatriate for displaying used cars for sale in front of his apartment in Azaiba. He had no permit for such operations.

By displaying vehicles for sale, he had violated the order on regulation of local automobile markets, the municipality said.

However, this rule does not apply to those selling their used car to an individual buyer and there will not be any problem in the transfer of ownership too.

In a warning to the unauthorised vendors of vehicles, the municipality said the automobile market is regulated by certain rules and those carrying out such businesses without permit will be booked under applicable laws.

There have been reports that the used cars have been imported by unlicensed individuals and sold in the market. These vehicles are showcased in public places with a ‘for sale’ tag.

The municipality had earlier advised citizens and residents against displaying their vehicles for sale in public places.

Many cars are sold by sticking the ‘for sale’ stickers on the dashboard as well as online. OLX is a popular online site for buying and selling used cars, on which some 28,337 cars are on sale from different parts of the country.