When canines walk for a cause

By Kabeer Yousuf — They wore the best clothes available; decorated themselves with the best accessories and shoes; and were all decked up for a show that aimed at raising funds for local charity. These canines, cared by local residents lined up at the Al Bustan Palace — A Ritz Carlton Hotel lawns to vie each other for the most beautiful and most handsome and the like. Organised by the Canadian Jebel K9 Training and Services which began ‘Canines for a Cause’ in 2015 aiming at promoting and encouraging dog-rearing in the country while supporting local charity initiatives, canines from across the country took part in the one-day event.
924220“This event is a one-of-its kind where a venue for dogs and their owners to have a fun-filled family day is guaranteed while creating awareness about advantages of training the pets to take care of them better. It also aims at how these creatures can give back to the society and take part in the CSR initiatives”, Alfa Vold and Nabil, the organisers said. The event also envisions of raising awareness and supporting local animal welfare groups and educate on how people can help and on a larger picture, create a fun and educational programmes that teach leadership and teamwork to the youth through the Junior Handler Academy which is formed for that purpose. “It’s an interesting event where the dogs are given a day to show off their features and get to know each other while being pampered under the sun near the beach”, Nittakaran, a diplomat who was at the venue with her ‘Muffin’ which was in her best dress for the event.
These dogs were awarded for their artistic skills when they walked past the Pawasco table and audience were given a chance to vote for the best performing puppies. These canines were also given several competitions like finding the surprise under the cup which enabled them for a special raffle draw.
Agility Challenge, an all-day practice after a demonstration by the Canadian Jebel K9 dog, Gizmo and Diesel, and their handlers, Alfa and Del, sought the dogs to identify the obstacles and to overcome them with ease besides a Maze challenge. Most Amazing Rescue and Reunion were two categories for these beautiful canines to compete with each other.
“I adopted a stray dog which was found in a wadi by the Omani Paws and reared it with the help of the animal friendly associations and here we are today”, Aminta Joanne Bernard, a PR executive said.
Additionally, the Best Dog Costume and Most Outrageous Dogs too were awarded and not to the least, best mannered dog was also recognised with prizes.