Camel race held in Masirah


Dec. 16: The local community at Wilayat of Masirah in south Al Sharqiyah organised a camel race yesterday. More than 50 camels participated in this event mainly from the wilayat and other nearby areas.
The 8 km race was flagged off by Dr Mohammed bin Juma’a al Sheriyani.
The winners of the race are as follows: ‘Bekar’ owned by Abdullah al Farsi came first; ‘Jadan’ owned by Ali al Farsi came second; ‘Bekar’ of Shwaheen al Farsi came third, and ‘Saoob’ of Hilal al Ghilani won the fourth place.
The race witnessed hundreds of locals and tourists from within and outside the Sultanate.
It is worth mentioning that camel racing has evolved into a professional sport that includes race tracks, specialised farms for raising camels and running intensive training programmes, as well as using new technologies.
Today’s races use a technological device called Al Rakbi (jockey robot) which costs between RO 300 to 700. This modern device can be controlled from a distance of up to 8 km.