Deep frying is the simplest cooking method in culinary but the hardest one to get right. Without proper understanding of process entirely, it will be impossible for the finish product to stay as crispy as possible.
The thinness of the batter is the key for a crispy calamari rings. When the batter is thick, the oil will not be able to penetrate the squid, the batter will absorb the oil instead forcing it out of the product continuously.
Calamari rings are best served with tartare sauce or apple cider vinegar.
Calamari Rings

180g Squid, Fresh
50g Batter
20g Flour, All-Purpose
5g Salt, Iodised
3g Pepper, Black, Powder
35g Lemon

Simple Salad

5g Lettuce Lollo Rosa
5g Lettuce, Frissee, Green
5g Carrot, Orange
5g Tomato
4mls Lemon Vinaigrette
1g Sea Salt Flakes


50g Flour, All-Purpose  120ml Carbonated Water
1pc Egg, whole
5g Salt, iodised
3g Pepper, white,

Equipment and Utensils

Deep Fryer, cooling rack, spider, mixing bowl, absorbent paper


Clean the squid by removing the ink and the spine under cold running water. Save the ink if you want to make a dish like pasta or paella negra. Remove the skin if the texture is not appealing to your preference.


Mix all the ingredients while keeping it cold the entire process. The low temperature of the batter helps the final product to be as crispy as possible. The texture of the mixture should be thin, just like water

Method of Cooking

If the fryer is not available, a heavy bottom pan will work just fine. Heat up the pan to 180C. While the oil is heating up, slice the calamari into rings. Size of the rings is to your preference.

Dry the rings with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper, then dredge with flour.

Dip the rings into the batter, the batter should be ice cold to create a reaction with the oil that will result in crispy edges.

Be careful not to overcook the squid.

Cooking time should not exceed four minutes. Scoop out the batter, place in the rack for the oil to drip down.

Before placing it in a bowl, let the rings drip the excess oil on an absorbent paper. Season with salt and serve with a salad tossed in a lemon vinaigrette.

CHEF GERALD VIBAL is one of Oman’s most promising young chefs who is beginning to make a mark for himself in the culinary world. He took Psychology in college but later discovered his love and passion for food and cooking. Growing up in a family who is critical about good food, Chef Gerald has developed a deep sense of appreciation in things that goes in to his plate. He started out experimenting to find his own voice in cooking until he finally figured out his own unique style that he now uses in every restaurant he works for.
He spent some time working at the kitchen of Gaylord Hotels in Nashville, Tennessee before moving to Oman to pursue his dream. He worked as a sous chef for almost two years for Laval when he got to Muscat until he landed the Chef De Cuisine post at Marlins.
Chef Gerald wanted to bring the “homemade” touch to all of his dishes and prefers using fresh products for the many different cuisines he prepares. He also favours using local produce, meat and fish and aims to provide foodies with fresh and memorable dishes.