Buraimi varsity wins hand hygiene contest

BURAIMI: As part of the celebration of World Health Day by the World Health Organization (WHO), the General Directorate of the private sector of the Ministry of Health organised the Hand Hygiene Competition in Majan Continental Hotel, Muscat. The University of Buraimi participated at this completion, represented by a team from the Faculty of health, which has three areas theatrical and documentary demo posters.
The team has shown great enthusiasm in the competition and great self-confidence, stating they are proud to represent the University of Buraimi and ready to serve the community after graduation
The participating students, as nurses, emphasized that they have a great responsibility for public health, care and educating people; including the importance of hands hygiene, demonstrating, through the show they gave, the best way to wash hands. The have also   introduced models that were designed by the students of Nursing  and Science of Optics Departments.
Programmes organiser Dr Munira al Hashimi expressed her admiration of their enthusiasm and the level shown by the students, which led her to f know about the University of Buraimi its scientific disciplines through a number of questions to the participating students. She thanked the University for participating in this competition, asking them to participate permanently and continuously in the coming years.
It is worth mentioning that the team of the University of Buraimi won the second place among the teams participating in the field of documentary presentation (with the models displayed) in the competition, which has won everyone’s approval.
The team of students participating in the competition and the preparation of the models are Saeed Hamdan al Badi, Abdullah al Meqbali, Saif Qahtan al Isaii, Mazen Saif al Hadrami, Abdulaziz Rahim al Zadjali, Younis al Hajri, Amna Abdullah al Shibli Mai Khamis al Meqbali, Haifa Nasser al Amiri,  Wassan Salem al Mqbali, Marwa Rashid al Braiki and Ghalia Rashid al Braiki.