Undisclosed drone import illegal: Oman Customs

Muscat: Bringing wireless aircraft or drones to the country without disclosing to the customs will be considered as a smuggling-related crime, the Directorate General of Customs (Oman Customs) warned on Wednesday.

Drones can be brought to the country only with the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) after the payment of customs tax.

Oman Customs said in a statement that its list of restricted goods and commodities includes wireless aircraft equipped with cameras that are used by individuals or institutions in aerial photography for commercial, tourism, and entertainment purposes.

The CAA is the competent authority to issue permits for the use of remote control aircraft and drones in accordance with the Civil Aviation Law issued by Royal Decree 76/2019.

“To protect society from any security breach that threatens the homeland and its civil and military institutions or the private life of individuals, the recently issued regulations state that the use of drones or unmanned aircraft is allowed with the approval issued by the authorities concerned in accordance with the applicable customs procedures and controls,” the statement said.

Article 3 of the regulations state that the owner of the leased unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) brought into the Sultanate should remove them from the Sultanate’s territory upon completion of his licensed mission and the CAA has the right to reject the license application or renew it in line with the prevailing regulations.