Bring that retreat feel to your home

By Sayeh Woodman — So after having a wonderful spa experience, it’s back home to reality, where there’s no room for that peace and quiet.  Why do we crave to go somewhere for a retreat, when we could have this getaway urge, when actually we could stay in and be in the comfort and pleasure of our own home.  That sanctuary just needs recreating at home, and what better place to do that than our bathrooms!
This week I visited and talked to a specialist at a high-end home renovation centre, to get to know what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to creating your own sanctuary and changing the feel of our bathrooms for that more peaceful and relaxing ambience.
It’s also much cheaper than hiring and paying for an interior stylist, when you yourself can refresh your bathroom with a few simple tips.
For a more natural world, make a change from the classic hello sailor nautical patterns and pick up jungle inspired prints instead.
Create a soothing botanical ambience for that well-earned soak in the bath, and complement with warm hues of copper or on trend rose gold.  Very fashionable and I’m talking about your bathroom not fashion attire!
Add potted plants for extra green style too that’s bound to set a calmer feeling.  Then get crafting and make a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for added humour!
For a soft touch, adding new fluffy towels are an easy update to your bath space and add a touch of post bathroom luxury, too.
I mean, when was the last time you changed your towels?  I would try and avoid white towels, as they will soon turn grey! From colours, to browns — it depends what makes you feel happy and relaxed.    It’s a much cheaper way too of re-vamping your bathroom.
Create a Zen like zone by minimising clutter and co-ordinating essential items.
Replace plastic soap bottles with stylish dispenser and matching tumblers then, if your cabinets are full to bursting, manage the overflow with handy woven baskets perhaps.  Fill them with bubble bath products, your toiletries or those new towels!
Holiday brights will bring constant sunshine to your bathroom.
I suppose you have that on tap in Muscat, apart from those rainy occasions! Turn your bathroom into a stay-cation haven, with holiday inspired accessories, or things that you admire when on holiday.
I thought this was a lovely idea that Nathan mentioned, the specialist in redesigning and decorating.
Collect shells and use them in the bathroom for example, there’s no hefty price tag when you collect items on your travels to make your bathroom more personal.
Sticking to neutral colours for your bathroom suite and walls means it’s easy to revamp your accessories whenever you feel like a change.
So create a neutral palette with a lick of white or cream paint, scrub between tiles with bleach for a sparkling shine, and then get busy with your new scheme.  Candles are a must for that retreat pamper experience atmosphere.
Make sure everyone’s out, put your favourite tunes on, light those candles, load up the bubbles in the bath and enjoy the peaceful soak and your new bathroom!