Bridge brothers create wave in kitesurfing circuit

Muscat Nov 22 – The Bridge brothers from Exmouth, Devon in the UK, Oliver and Guy, have been creating waves of their own since they began appearing on the kitesurfing circuit about five years ago.
After an eventful first day where both tasted success, the siblings sat down for a free flowing conversation at the Al Mouj.
Olly looked back at the early years of their initiation with fondness.
“Our parents got us started at a very young age, we switched over from freestyle to foiling when it came and that’s how it began,’’ he added.
However, Olly said kitesurfing was not the only sport in which he was interested. “I liked sailing as well,’’ he revealed.
Meanwhile, Guy had a soft corner for sailing, football and other sports as well.
Guy indicated that it was the nature and format of the sport that drew him to it as a young boy.
“I guess it’s just about being out there with people, the speeds you can do and the chance to go in the air and fly a bit,’’ he added.
Olly spoke about his experiences competing in the last five years and the high points of it.
“I have been competing for five years now as I mentioned earlier. We go around the world and we’ve had some great experiences. Last year, we went to the World Championships in China where I won the second place, that was quite good,’’ he revealed.
The brothers also participated in the ISAF World Cups, two of which were held in Abu Dhabi and one in Melbourne, one in Santander in Spain.
Olly had great things to say about Oman and the conditions here.
“It’s been pretty good, it’s our first time. Yesterday was cool, good wind and all the top guys were competing, so it was fun,’’ he added.
The Bridge brothers credit their mother Steph for their initiation into the sport at a young age and she had some wonderful things to say about her sons.
“Both of them had a natural ability for kitesurfing and it was their strength. When they started Olly was 10 and Guy was 8. They initially learnt with a kite on land, a smooth power kite and then water,’’ she added.
“They also had passion and the proximity to the sea since we lived close by really helped,’’ Steph said.
The brothers have a younger sibling named Thomas and there was a healthy competition between the three in the early days.
“There was competition between the brothers in a nice way and that helped them sharpen their skills,’’ she added.
Steph was all praise for Oman accompanying her sons on their first trip to the Sultanate.
“Oman is a really amazing place and people are particularly friendly..the weather is great this time of the year. We hope to come back next year after this experience,’’ said the mother of the Bridge brothers, echoing their feelings as well.

Haridev Pushparaj