Bread of kindness!

As a mark of help to needy people, a good Samaritan came out with a unique idea of keeping some loaves of bread and other food items for free inside a bakery shop in Al Amerat.
The gentleman who started the practice wants to remain anonymous even though his idea has gained momentum and in many bakeries in Al Amerat people are noticing one small tray where the shoppers are keeping some bread packets after their own shopping.
It started from one bakery in Al Amerat where he kept the tray and many have adopted this noble idea. Now many bakeries have the same model of ‘free bread’ kept for those who need them. Driven by the idea of serving the people in need, the gentleman started this practice a few months ago. He kept a three-tier vegetable tray inside Zain bakery in Al Amerat and kept some Arabic bread and other staples.
Now it has almost become a practice for most of the customers to keep a few baisas for this basket, while some buy bread in excess and keep it in the tray.
“We received this tray from a citizen who told us to keep extra bread and other foods on this so that if anyone needs them can take them home. He never revealed his name nor we did inquire about him,” Maanu who runs the bakery said. His act of charity spread immediately. Today many bakeries in Al Amerat and elsewhere have their own stock of extra bread and other food items for this tray. “It has been a regular practice that I buy extra and keep some in the basket,” Fadhil al Ghannabi, a young Omani said. In many countries, there is a practice of ‘suspended lunch’ or ‘suspended coffee’ where people pay for an additional lunch or coffee and make the seller the custodian of the same until the needy visits them and request for the same.