Books published on life of Sultan Taimour, Sultan Said bin Taimour

MUSCAT: Dr Saleh al Balushi published two documentary books on two Sultans of Oman. The first was entitled ‘Pages from Life of Sultan Taimour bin Faisal’. It recounts aspects of the life of a distinguished man who played a role in the modern history of Oman for two decades under very difficult conditions where he strived to give his homeland and citizens the best he could offer despite all the challenges he faced. The book deals with various aspects of the reign of Sultan Taimour, which lasted for almost two decades, highlighting the financial status of the state through the reform of customs and his attempts to reform the judicial system, as well as the establishment of the first formal military force in the history of Oman. The second book, entitled ‘Pages from Life of Sultan Said bin Taimour’ touched on the biography of Sultan Said bin Taimour, including his life and contributions to Oman and its people, in addition to his education, his domestic meet-the-people-tours, his assumption of power, the financial status of the state and his journey around the world. — ONA