Book on late Omani scholar by Observer journalist launched

MUSCAT, JUNE 4 – A repertoire of speeches by late Shaikh Khalfan al Esry, acclaimed scholar, orator, educational think-tank and a former member of the State Council was launched by Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information at the Hall of Thoughts, Oman Establishment for Press, Publishing and Advertising (OEPPA) on Monday. Titled ‘The Answer’, the book encompasses all his messages to mankind through various medium is written by Lakshmi Kothaneth, a journalist with Oman Daily Observer and a presenter with Oman Radio 90.4FM.
“Shaikh Khalfan was an inspiration no matter where you were from”, said Lakshmi.
“For every Ramadhan he was sharing his wisdom with us and answering doubts and giving guidelines to everyone who approached him. It had become a tradition for us here. So I thought this would be the ideal time for the book with which we can keep his wisdom going from generations to generations. We had discussed about a book many times before but here it is now,” she added.
The author has compiled various topics from the discussions during the programmes ‘Dialogue on Islam’, in addition to ‘Body, Mind and Soul’ that was aired live for more than a decade on Radio Sultanate of Oman and Video programmes called ‘Life a Journey’ on
The book has eight chapters and looks at various subjects ranging from religious teachings to professional and personal development. The chapters are The Supreme, The Self, The Journey, Ramadhan, Thoughts, Life, Knowledge and Children.
“Even in his busiest of days he took time to share wisdom and thoughts. He read and read. He listened to many lectures himself, which all put together had made him a renowned international speaker.
“The most important part was he understood and accepted other cultures so he knew where his listeners were coming from when they asked questions. He liked to learn languages so when he spoke a few lines in their respective languages, sure enough the listener with the question was thrilled and at home,” she said. Saif al Mahrouqi, Editor-in-Chief of Oman Arabic, Abdullah al Shueili, Editor-in-Chief of Oman Dialy Observer, and others were present.