Book on Oman unveiled at Abu Dhabi book fair

ABU DHABI: The Chinese writer Leo Young unveiled his book titled  Colored Precious Stones in the Sultanate of Oman: The Beautiful Al Yasham Poetry Book,  which documents the strong friendship relationships between Oman and China. A celebration was held at the China Pavilion at Abu Dhabi Book Fair to mark the launch. The writer read out some poems accompanied by performances on the tunes of Qutchin musical instrument. A number of photographs from the Sultanate were also  displayed.  The book includes 69 poems in Arabic and Chinese language that reflect the Sultanate’s  heritage and traditions. “ I have been lucky enough to live and work in the Sultanate of Oman for more than a  decade during which I was impressed by the peace and stability witnessed by the  Sultanate. I was also impressed by the Sultanate’s ability to maintain its heritage and  culture, as well as its historic attractions,” the poet said. — ONA