Bonn climate talks seek to form global deal rules

Bonn: Important issues concerning the implementation of the Paris accords have been clarified as the UN climate conference in Bonn reaches its penultimate day, although financial questions were yet to be tackled.
The state secretary of the German environment ministry Jochen Flasbarth said on Thursday that good progress had been achieved in creating a rulebook for the Paris climate agreement.
“That’s the message we will be able to present tomorrow,” Flasbarth said, “it’s not as overwhelming as the one that came out of Paris but it’s good, because it’s moving us forward.”
The guidelines are set to be finalized next year at a conference in the Polish city of Katowice, according to Flasbarth.
Yet on the second to last day of proceedings thorny financial issues, such as funding sources for poor countries needing to make adaptions for climate change, remained unsolved.
Nevertheless, Flasbarth spoke of a cooperative, optimistic atmosphere- despite earlier concerns over the US’ announcement they could pullout of the Paris deal.
“[US President Donald] Trump’s announcement… has had the opposite effect,” he said, “The world has come closer together.” — Agencies