Heavy rains: Body of woman washed away found in Izki

Muscat: A woman lost her life after their vehicle was swept away on Tuesday night in Wadi Shibak in Izki, which has been receiving an impressive amount of rain in the last few days.

The video of the mishap which had gone viral once again displayed how quickly the force of the water flow in the wadi gain momentum. The water took the vehicle in the opposite direction.

While two individuals were rescued, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) with the field teams conducted wide search for the missing woman who was carried away in Wadi Shibaq in Izki on Tuesday evening.

The Public Authority for Civil Defense (PACDA) said on Wednesday morning confirmed that they had received a report about the stranded in the Wadi Shibaq and the search was continuing. They confirmed that two people were rescued and the search was going on for the third person.

Later in the morning, they confirmed the missing person in Wadi Shibaq was found dead and her body was airlifted to the referral hospital in Nizwa and were completing the process to handover the body to the family.

According to safety experts, while crossing a flowing wadi is always considered dangerous, it is even trickier during late evenings as it is difficult to detect the depth of the water.

Scattered and isolated rains are expected today also. The Oman Met Office urged the public to take precautions as visibility will be low during thunderstorms. Rains were also experienced in North Sharqiya’s Samad Shan and the neighboring areas. Areas around Al Hajr Mountains have been receiving heavy rains. “Shallow trough encourages local cloud foundation at the same time causing high temperature as the atmosphere is humid,” explained the Weather Forecaster at Public Authority of Civil Aviation.

The weather forecast indicates clear to partly cloudy skies along with coastal areas of Dhofar and adjoining mountains and mainly clear skies over rest of the Sultanate with the chance of convective clouds development and isolated rain occasionally thunderstorms associated with fresh wind and hail over al Hajar mountains and adjoining wilayat during the afternoon.  There is a chance of the late night to early morning low-level clouds or fog patches formations along with coastal areas of the Arabian Sea.

Oman Met Office cautions on poor visibility during thunderstorms, rain and fog formations and warns on the occurrence of strong downdraft wind during thunderstorms and rain.