Beware of bacteria on trolleys

MUSCAT, DEC 22 – A research study has recommended that shoppers at supermarkets use antiseptics or disposable insulation tape when using trolleys. The study urged the relevant authorities to lay down suitable regulations to protect shoppers from communicable diseases. The study, conducted by a research team from Al Sharqiyah University, looked at whether shopping trolleys can get contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. The study was among the winners of the National Scientific Research Award, 2019 and concluded that trolleys can be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. It studied samples from 140 trolleys at 14 shopping centres during the period from November 2018 to August 2019.
The study affirmed shopping trolleys can be contaminated with varying levels of heterogeneous bacteria meaning that hygiene conditions vary from one supermarket to another. Trolleys can be considered as a means of drug-resistant bacterial transmitters that pose a real health threat for consumers. The research team called for the sterilisation of trollies by supermarkets to protect consumers from infection.

Muzna al Fahdiyah