Beware, mobile ransomware virus on the prowl

The Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team (OCERT) has warned smartphone users about a ransomware virus called ‘WannaLocker’ when downloading online applications. The team has tweeted on its official account that the virus was a malicious software that would put personal files and images at risk.
Similar to the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware, it encrypts all images and applications on mobile phones.
The virus, which has its origins in China, attacks smartphones operated on Android.
It spreads through downloads on the Internet, it has said.
Smartphone users have been asked to be careful when downloading games as the virus “camouflages itself as an appendage” to a game called ‘King of Glory’. Once the virus encrypts all files and images on the phone’s external memory, the hackers demand $6 to restore your files and eject the virus.
The team has suggested a number of measures to prevent infection of the devices by the virus.
Avoid unreliable sources to download software and plugins.
Instead, download from official websites, it said.
As the virus attacks files and images on the phone’s external storage, smartphone users should consider having a backup of all files and images to recover them once encrypted by hackers.
They should also check the permissions required by applications for installing a software or a game.