The best of classical Arab songs

This Thursday, the Royal Opera House Muscat will pay tribute to the musical heritage of Arab World with a unique concert titled, The Best of Classical Arab Songs. This beautiful concert will be led by two remarkable singers, Ali Al Haggar, one of the greatest interpreters from Egypt’s Tarab School, specialising in Maqam and traditional rhythms; and Jahida Wehbe, a famous Lebanese singer with a powerful voice that captures the hearts of listeners. With new arrangements for orchestra, Al Haggar and Wehbe will sing evocative songs made popular by an array of great twentieth-century Arab composers and singers, including among others, Sayyid Darwish, Um Kulthum, Warda, Asmahan, Abdel Wahab, Fairouz, and Layla Murad. The orchestral accompaniment is by a traditional small music ensemble as well as by the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra.
This very special concert promises an exceptionally memorable one for the audience as traditional Arab songs are styled to facilitate Tarab, the experience of a heightened emotional state through the intense performance of music. It is the experience of a kind of ecstasy, a rapturous state of enchantment in which normal life seems to be transcended. Performers and listeners are involved together in deeply felt emotions as they engage in exclamatory gestures and share a palpable understanding of the inner meaning of the music.
This remarkable concert with The Best of Classical Arab Songs will happen on Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 7:00 pm. For further information and booking consult the ROHM website: