Beauty of Success lies in the eye of the beholder

There is nothing as beautiful as seeing someone successful. No one took her ambitions seriously, life had been throwing in quite a few enges but she never thought of quitting. But one fine day she had no choice but be a single mother of five children.
There was anger but she was too in love with life to give into negativity. She did everything from being a volunteer to taking up part-time jobs finding new goals in life. After all it is us who have to define the meaning of our life. Years passed, children grew and they became friends of their mother. She was attracted to technology and always wanted be to an editor or camera person and she kept trying even if the hours were long.
Then came the day when I saw her operating camera for a live event. Where is the person from or what nationality is she does not matter because the beauty is her story. Her story which tells me hard work, passion and the zest to stay focused no matter what direction the current flows does make dreams come true. I did not have tears, just pride and happiness that came in the form of reassurance that life is indeed beautiful. It is never the end. There can be opportunities just waiting to happen.
She is full of confidence today and I also happened to be there when someone was suggesting another opportunity to her. Is it not wonderful how success multiplies? I think it is the strength of positivity that tends to attract more of the good news. I might have read a lot about it but seeing it happen to my friend made me feel all is well with the world. Not to forget this sensitive person has also been there for others.
I do not know how she feels and whether she has been celebrating her victory, but I know this must be excellent for her health. More than anything else it is our mental health that contributes to our well-being.
In a conversation with American author of the book Oman Reborn and historian, Linda Pappas Funsch I asked her about what do women need in the current century. She said, “If all the human rights and basic needs are met then the women of the world today need to support each other’’. I happened to ask about women but this is true for the whole mankind. In a competitive world the last thing on our mind is often the other person’s mental health how often do we even think of our own mental health? We have been told to eat healthy and exercise but we keep them aside because we are busy meeting deadlines and competing with the hands on the clock. The road safety authorities told us not to speak on phone or text while driving but now we wear it on our wrist watch. And the watch blinks and urges us to respond to the call whether we are busy or not.
Today we heard that COVID 2019 (coronavirus) has entered Oman. And the first thing that crossed the mind, of course, is to rush for hand sanitizer and masks. There is no need to press the panic button said my friend and he is right. The Ministry of Health has given the guidance to follow the hygiene when we sneeze or cough and has asked to reduce shaking of hands as well as nose to nose greeting. Sometimes we need to unlearn and learn. So for the time being whether we like it or not, whether we offend or not, we have to practice precaution for each other’s safety.
Unlike the usual closing of winter when everyone hopes the winter prolongs a little longer, the secret wish that is doing the round is, “Let us hope the summer arrives tomorrow’’. Let us be cautious, let us not over expose ourselves if it is not necessary. If not hand sanitizers then let us use soap and water. For sure Luban, frankincense, will bring confidence. Let us not listen to rumours, but follow the official news and guidance from the Ministry of Health. We have crossed other siblings of coronavirus and the ministry has handled them before but we have to be the partners in assurance by taking the measures. Children will need guidance at school and home.
Most importantly prevention is better than cure. Here’s to everyone’s health.